Brew Great Cups With These Tips!

Brewing 101

TRIBO drip coffee is designed to help you have a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. We’ve done all of the hard work planning, calculating and roasting so that you can essentially be a barista whenever and wherever the mood strikes.  That said, we think it's a good idea to consider some general information about roast type and best brewing temperatures.  

LIGHT ROAST COFFEE:  Light roast beans, as you can imagine, maintain more natural bean structure because they're simply not baked as long as darker roasts.  Therefore they are more dense due to containing more CO2 and moisture. Light roasts tend to brew a bit more slowly.  You may want to use hotter water to more effectively extract the natural flavors from these beans.  We recommend using water temperature around 93-94C/199-201F.    

TRIBO Coffees:  Ethiopia washed & Ethiopia natural

MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE:  Medium roasted coffees are obviously roasted a bit longer than light roasts, so they have released a bit more CO2, as well as lost a bit more bean density.  Therefore you can achieve nice flavor extraction with slightly less hot water (as compared to brewing a light roast).  We recommend brewing with water around 90-92C/194-197.    

TRIBO Coffees:  Guatemala, Panama & Expedition Blend

MEDIUM-DARK ROAST COFFEE:  Beans that are darker roasted have already released a lot of their CO2, and have become less dense through the roasting process, so they can be brewed with slightly less hot water.  We recommend using water temperature around 88-90C/190-194F for these coffees.  

TRIBO Coffees:  Papua New Guinea and Campfire Blend


Not everyone has access to a thermometer for brewing, especially when traveling.  However you can easily achieve great results with TRIBO by simply letting your boiled water cool a bit before you start brewing. Definitely experiment with what works best for you, but if you don't have a temperature gauge, we generally recommend that you let your boiled water rest:

  • 30 seconds - 1 minute before brewing Ethiopia, 
  • 1 - 1.5 minutes before brewing Guatemala, Panama & Expedition Blend, 
  • 1.5 - 2 minutes before brewing PNG and Campfire Blend.  


Feel free to let your cup cool a little as you drink.  You may notice interesting and delicious new flavors at lower temperatures.  Also, please note that TRIBO pour over coffee maker pouches are intended for one-time use, so you won't achieve the same delicious results if you try reusing pouches.  

We hope you enjoy, and please let us know what you think.  You can always find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @tribocoffee.  Enjoy!    

Best Brewing Temps

Light:           93-94C/199-201F

Medium:     90-92C/194-197F

Med-Dark:  88-90C/190-194F

After Boiling 

H2O Cool Down:  30s-2min


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