One day in the Fall of 2012 we were backpacking northern India’s Kangra Valley near Dharamasala – a place known for steep roads, fantastic mountain treks, and of course, being the home of the Dalai Lama. For hours we followed our Nepalese guide (see photo) high into the remote, tranquil and challenging Himalayan landscape.  The altitude was humbling, and the sun was bright. Then, almost like a mirage, far from and high above civilization, we happened upon a small, stone-built café. In this most unlikely place we rested and enjoyed cups of fresh brewed coffee and tea on a stone patio that overlooked the breathtaking, sprawling valley. Absolutely amazing! 



Our obsession to create a sublime coffee experience that we could have whenever and wherever the mood strikes was born that day. We began seeking top-notch specialty grade Arabica beans from around the world. Our always curious and well-trained team roasted in small batches to elicit each bean’s optimal flavor profile. Then we combined this great roasted coffee with really cool single serving pouches to create a uniquely delicious and convenient pour over experience. 


Traceable, Sustainable & Responsible

Our Business Model

TRIBO Coffee has a responsibility to provide you with the best possible cup, as well as to aim for producers to be compensated fairly.  So we strive to adhere to a traceability model concerning our single origin offerings with an eye towards ensuring sustainability-centric sourcing activities.    For locations that we have yet to visit, we align ourselves with trusted partners at origin and on the importing side who share our vision.  


The TRIBO 6Q Roasting Team & Related Qualifications

SCA Protocols


We follow strict SCA cupping protocols when choosing and roasting our beans.  

CQI Trained


The TRIBO 6Q roasting team is rigorously trained in all things from bean selection to roasting protocols to optimal flavor profiles.

2017 World Championships


One of our amazing 6Q roasters, Jason Hua, competed in the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Championship.

Int'l Coffee Tasting Gold Medal


Our 6Q lead roaster, Vincent Yao, has won Gold Medals in 2015, 2017 and 2018 for International Coffee Tasting

HACCP Certified


TRIBO coffees are free of pesticides and chemicals, while our facility is HACCP compliant.  

ISO22000 Certified


We maintain a thorough and rigorous Food Safety Plan to ensure that you enjoy a safe and reliable product.  

A Great Find