The TRIBO Coffee Variety Box

Our Flagship | 5 Delicious Types

We enjoy variety in all things -- the foods we eat, the places we visit, and especially in the coffees we drink.  This interest in exploring coupled with our love of great coffee inspired us to create the TRIBO Coffee Variety Box (TCVB).  TCVB is perfect for discerning coffee drinkers who enjoy an assortment of flavor profiles, as well as for pour over newbies who want to explore some of the world's great coffees in one convenient package.  

Every Variety Box includes the following five well-balanced single origins and blends:

  • ETHIOPIA Sidamo Kilenso Ressa Co-op G1  |  Light  |  grapefruit, vanilla, floral
  • GUATEMALA Antigua La Minita La Flor  |  Medium  |  citrus, chocolate, floral
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA Western Highland Wahgi Valley Kimel AA  |  Medium-Dark  |  blackberry, caramel, creamy
  • EXPEDITION Blend  |  Medium  |  milk chocolate, roasted hazelnut, raisin
  • CAMPFIRE Blend  |  Medium-Dark  |  dark chocolate, brown sugar, nutty


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