Exploring delicious natural & honey-processed coffees

In keeping with our commitment to explore delicious specialty grade coffees, we introduce the TRIBO Coffee *SPECIAL PROCESS SERIES*.  This exciting new collection will give you an opportunity to try some really tasty coffees that were processed at the farm level by either natural or honey processing methods.  

Natural sun-dried processing involves plucking ripe red fruit from the trees at the peak of their flavor potential and allowing them to sun dry 'naturally' on patios prior to milling.  This allows all of the naturally sweet, delicious character that resides in the cherries layers to impart rich, vibrant flavors onto the beans.  Often found in Ethiopia, this specialized processing method is known to add sweet fruit flavors to the coffee.  

Honey processing, on the other hand, is more commonly found in Central America.  This unique method involves removing the cherries pulp, but leaving the fruit's natural sweet inner liquid to sun dry together with the beans.  As a result, honey process coffees are brimming with amazing naturally sweet flavors.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Process

A nation of 'natural' experience

Ethiopia is known for producing some of the world's most delicious natural process coffees that burst with fruit flavors, and the Yirgacheffe region produces some that are truly unique.  Coffees from this region can be elegant, complex and enjoyably unusual.  

Our Ethiopian natural process intro from the Yirgacheffe region is no exception.  From the moment you open your pouch to the final sip you will enjoy bright tropical fruit, blueberry and yummy plum flavors.  We roasted it light so for best results we recommend brewing with water around 93C/199F.  Enjoy!

Brewing Notes

Roast:  Light

Best Brewing Temp:  93C/199F

Flavor Notes:  tropical fruit | blueberry | plum


Panama Santa Rosa Honey Process

Slow and steady

Our introduction to honey process coffees originates from the Panama Santa Clara region.  Known for its mountainous topography that produces fairly cool weather at night, coffees from this region tend to mature slowly, which allows all those delicious natural sugars to form and shape the bean's flavor.  

We roasted medium to highlight this coffee's wonderfully bright and sweet natural grapefruit, toffee and apricot flavors.  For best results, we recommend brewing this delightful coffee with water at approximately 90C/194F.  

Brewing Notes

Roast:  Medium

Best Brewing Temp:  90C/194F

Flavor Notes:  grapefruit | toffee | apricot


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