Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley


Unlike Ethiopia and Guatemala's long history of coffee production, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) coffee industry didn’t really take root until the 20th century. Coffee was grown in the late 1800s, but wasn’t really treated as a commercial product until around 1928, when farms were established using Jamaica’s Blue Mountain seeds. Amazingly, much of the land and tribes of the Western Highlands weren’t even discovered until the 1930s. By the 1950s, a genuine coffee movement had taken shape around the island. Today PNG produces some of Asia’s most interesting coffees, yet it’s still a place of fascinating mystery. 


Our TRIBO Coffee PNG selection comes from the island’s Western Highlands in the Wahgi Valley, a place of breathtaking natural beauty where deep blue skies, streaking crisp white clouds and lush green forests meet daily like old friends at a local cafe. Located at 3,300-5,900ft, this highland jungle area provides a combination of ideal altitude and extremely fertile volcanic soil, which together provide a perfect canvass for painting some really exciting coffees. Most of the coffees here are produced by smallholders, so the tribal farmers are intimately involved in the cultivation of every plant. The Kimel Estate was originally founded by an Australian gentleman in the mid-1970s, but is now locally owned in large part by the area’s Opais tribe. 


This is a delicious coffee and a great reflection of the TRIBO Coffee brand. As much as we love the coffees from well-known origins, we also love to explore the less common ones. This PNG coffee is a great example. We roasted it medium-dark to highlight its naturally creamy body, as well as its delicious caramel, blackberry and plum notes. With a slightly darker roast, you will enjoy lower acidity up front with a bit more sweetness and pleasant mouthfeel. 

Brewing Notes

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Best Brew Temp:  90C/194F

Flavor Notes:  blackberry | caramel | creamy


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