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The TRIBO Variety GIFT Box with Double-Walled Cup

Coffee lovers and cup collectors will love this set.

Your coffee-loving family, friends and colleagues will love receiving this delicious gift.  Each box includes two TRIBO Coffee Variety Boxes plus an elegant double-walled blown glass cup.  Fashioned with two layers of blown glass, this attractive cup will neither ever be too hot to touch nor will it ever drip condensation when cold.  The TRIBO Coffee doubled-walled cup is perfect for all of your recipient's drinking needs!   

What's inside?

Each Variety GIFT Box includes:

  • Five TRIBO Coffee types
  • 20 servings
  • One TRIBO branded cup
  • TRIBO Coffee booklet
  • TRIBO Coffee bookmark

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The TRIBO Coffee Single Origins Gift Box

Perfect for serious coffee lovers and interested explorers.

Relative newcomer, Papua New Guinea, joins coffee-producing bedrocks, Ethiopia and Guatemala, in this delicious single origin journey around the world.  Serious coffee drinkers and anyone interested in exploring will love receiving this fantastic reflection of specialty grade coffee, representing three continents, three roast types and a kaleidoscope of natural flavors.  Recipients will enjoy a delicious range of notes from bright, floral and vanilla to chocolate and citrus to blackberry and creamy.  Each GIFT Box includes 30 servings.  

What's inside?

Each Single Origins GIFT Box Includes:

  • 10-pack Ethiopia, light roast
  • 10-pack Guatemala, medium roast
  • 10-pack PNG, medium-dark roast
  • TRIBO Coffee info booklet
  • TRIBO Coffee bookmark

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