Ethiopia Sidamo Kilenso G1


Ethiopia is one of the world’s most fascinating coffee origins. Not only are its coffees bursting with a variety of interesting flavors, but the country is generally considered coffee’s birthplace. There are indications that coffee had appeared earlier in Sudan, as well as grown as a crop in Yemen, however Ethiopia champions the distinction of being the place where people first consumed coffee. Much of this early activity dates back to the 1600s. So, it goes without saying that Ethiopia has a long, rich coffee history, which explains how the drink is so deeply imbedded in the country’s culture. It’s as common to find someone home roasting green beans in a pan over coals, as it is to witness Ethiopians drinking coffee at all hours of the day and night. 


In keeping with our commitment to provide you with high quality and interesting specialty grade products, TRIBO Coffee proudly introduces its Ethiopian Sidamo G1 sourced from the Kilenso Ressa Cooperative. At an altitude of 4,600-7,200ft, the Sidamo region grows some of the highest Ethiopia coffee. The area is also known for producing distinctive washed and naturally processed coffees that are bright, fruity and extremely aromatic.  Our portable coffee Kilenso G1 beans are washed, so they tend to have a slightly more complex flavor profile, yet they provide a cleanliness that is void of harshness and astringency. 


We used a light roast in order to bring out the bean’s natural intrinsic flavors. Look for bright acidity with a mix of notes from floral, grapefruit and tea to mildly sweet vanilla and caramel.  We recommend brewing with hot water shortly after boil (around 93°C / 199°F) to facilitate the most effective extraction. Light roast brings the bean’s acids forward at slightly higher water temperatures, while allowing for a sweeter finish as the cup cools.  

Brewing Notes

Roast:  Light

Best Brew Temp:  93C/199F

Flavor Notes:  grapefruit | vanilla | floral 


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